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Well-Paying Writing Side Hustles

Freelancing is a right side hustle that can make you earn a living as you continue with other engagements. It is flexible, well-paying, and enjoyable. The field has numerous job opportunities that make it a fantastic hustle for the individuals who find writing enjoyable.

The side hustle can is compatible with the student schedule. Students can study and, at the same time, make some money through writing.

Here are some ways of making some good money out of writing


If you are an individual with a collection of interesting tips and stories, you can make leaving from them. You can compile your content into a blog that can open your opportunity for a lucrative earning.

The advantage of this type of writing niche is that you will earn and get work regularly. If you have a good idea, pitch it to the relevant client and get a result for pay.

Magazine Writing

Magazine writing is among the well-paying jobs that are easy to start. With the writing skills, you can make $ 0.10 to $ 2 for each word. The niche is different from blogging because the work may be relatively low.

Finding Jobs from Famous Job Boards

Job boards are the favorite places to get your job as a new freelance writer. On this job board, you can get assignments such as writing resumes, blog post articles, and other tasks. When making job applications on these boards, ensure that you go for the jobs within your knowledge and experience. Job boards are always very competitive. Ensure you present your profile as an expert to increase your chances of getting a contract with the client.

Searching Jobs On Craigslist

Craigslist is another place where a new freelance writer can get a job. Craigslist is full of great opportunities; however, you need to be keen on the scammers. Ensure that you diligently sign an assignment with the client before you begin working on a project.

Finding Clients Through Cold Pitching

You can find clients directly off the job boards and build them as your direct customers. The method is a convenient way of creating a stream of clients who enjoys working with you.

How do you get your direct clients? Here are some tips about getting your direct clients;

Select Your Writing Niche

Look for what you exactly want to write on. It would help if you searched for areas you have an interest in and knowledgeable about.

Create A Freelance Blog Or Website

You will need to create a blog where somebody can find you. If you had an already existing blog, add a hire me page.

If t you lack a blog, create a freelancer website with your last and the first name as the domain. You can include other important information on your blog pages, such as your contact information, profile, and the services you offer.

 Collect Some Writing Work Samples

if you have some publications about the niche you intend to break into, then you good to go. Link the magazine to your website .in case you lack a publication sample; you should find a business or blog where you can submit for free.

Pitch to Clients

Go for the business and blogs that need freelance writers and submit your pitch. Remember to customize your pitch to meet the requirements of what particular task needs.

Cold pitching could be an overwhelming activity, but once you have mastered the process, it becomes easy. It is a simple way of getting a steady flow of well-paying customers.


If you are interested in getting an extra income, then the above content was essential to you. Freelance writing is a flexible way of earning income as you study or work on other assignments.

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