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How to Become a Freelance Writer on Legal Matters

Writing proves broad, and people can pick different niches and subjects to write. However, one exciting and lucrative writing niche that you can freelance comes in the territory of legal writing. You can get diverse opportunities as openings increase, yet qualified legal writers remain limited.  Additionally, you can work in legal writing, whether within the legal profession or not, and the clientele can get cultivated long-term.  

So, would you love to become a freelance writer dealing with legal subjects?

About Freelance Legal Writing

The trade encompasses a lot as it proves a broad field. It features different styles of writing and can involve legal and technical documents. For instance, freelance writers do legal documents, memorandums, motions, and briefs founded on the client’s needs. Legal analysts review case laws, prepare reports, and analyze trends for lawyers to use while preparing cases. Additionally, legal correspondence also carries out a similar type of work that inclines towards the profit-making market compared to other attorneys.

However, other writers dealing with legal matters do far less technical exertion. All they do involves preparing blog posts besides attributes that assist in promoting the operation of law firms. It can include magazine and newspaper articles, which cover court and other legal news. It also incorporates materials for corporate marketing.

Starting as a Freelance Writer on Legal Matters

It can prove vital to start legal writing with assignments that seem comfortable for you and one that you can do them confidently. For instance, if you deem preparing a law brief as too complex, owing to the volume of knowledge you need to comprehend, then start with something easier, such as a law firm’s company website. Beginning with errands that you can feel comfortable completing before proceeding to more complex pieces as your experience grows proves a wonderful way of beginning to build a clientele base.

Getting Started Writing

Like every field, the legal world has its language jargon. It therefore proves an excellent idea to get some time and learn the legal lingo before starting your freelance writing applications or when building your profile and portfolio with samples.

Additionally, it proves a brilliant idea to get client reviews, and use these as references on your website. When people see your work getting used by experts in the legal sphere, consequently, it creates confidence in your capabilities, and therefore, your hiring chances. Further, keeping your work samples can prove an excellent way of regularly updating your portfolio. Sometimes, working exclusively on legal writing can improve your standing as an individual committed to the legal industry. It can imply to your knowledgeability about legal trends, among other issues.    

Becoming Attentive to Industry-Specific Demands

Legal writing as a niche requires writers to become attentive to specific demands of the legal industry, as these demands differ from other writing jobs.  So remember to become confidential and discreet if you have to write memos, contracts, briefs, or similar legal documents for your client. Signing a confidentiality treatise before starting any work can prove significant for many potential clients. However, you have to treat the client’s documents with such a high level of discretion and confidentiality when they do not seem interested in maintaining your integrity and reputation as a legal writer.

Additionally, try and become careful when it comes to the words you choose to use, especially when developing marketing content or an ad copy for a legal firm. Strict regulations about titles apply, and therefore, try and avoid terms such as “top” or “best” when you refer to a law firm or an attorney. Additionally, you cannot give legal advice on your write-up, and you may have to incorporate a disclaimer in the write-up. It becomes crucial to explicitly follow the rules as failure can expose your client to fines, among other repercussions. Such things can compromise your standing as a legal writer and reduce your chances of getting more clients.  


Legal freelance jobs proves a limited niche compared to other writing jobs. If you become interested in pursuing this niche, then it would help if you considered everything discussed and cultivated a loyal clientele base.

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